VDCA Anlung Pi

VDCA Anlung Pi

Welcome and thank you for visiting our website! Thanks to the hard work and dedication of staff, volunteers and supporters, our free school location at Anlung Pi has been in operation for 3 years.

Anlung Pi village is situated approximately 25 kilometres from Siem Reap, and is home to around 300 poor families, many of whom live and work at a large local dump-site.  Most rely upon collecting and recycling the rubbish they find to earn a few dollars each day to feed and support themselves.

Anlung Pi Free School is an umbrella project of the Volunteer Development Children’s Association.  Founded in 2005 by two Buddhist monks, Rathana Nn and Togh Main, V.D.C.A. provides life-changing opportunities to underprivileged children & youth and their families with a focus on:

  • The provision of free education aimed at enhancing and developing language and  general educational levels.
  • Addressing the environmental and health issues effecting children and young people including moral values, HIV/AIDS awareness, general hygiene, drug abuse, child trafficking, pollution & environmental sustainability.
  • Giving children life skills and philosophy to help them deal with daily life.
  • Supporting and sponsoring children interested in higher education

Through our various projects V.D.C.A. also provides practical support, vocational training opportunities and micro-finance loans to poor rural families, who would otherwise receive little to no support.

The Volunteer Development Children’s Association is funded and operates entirely by the generous regular sponsors, donations and with added support from volunteers.